CMC markets bonus code

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CMC markets bonus code

At the current moment there is no CMC markets bonus code but if in the future the CMC markets welcome bonus is available then this page update.

What are price adjustments?

In the event that a listed issuer of a security (on which you hold an open CFD position with us) announces a share sub-division or share consolidation, or makes changes to its capital structure by way of rights issues, bonus issues or cash dividend payments, we will make an appropriate adjustment on the relevant listed share CFD on the ex-date or the corporate action effective day.

What happens in the event of a rights issue?

With a rights issue, a company will offer its shareholders a chance to buy newly issued shares, usually at a discounted price, before they are offered to the public.

How do company dividend announcements affect my trades?

If you have a position on a company which announces a dividend, your account will be credited/debited prior to market open on the day the stock goes ‘ex-dividend’. Here’s a typical example:

Vodafone announces a 15p dividend
You currently hold 3000 units of Vodafone (or £30 per point)
15p x 3000 = £450
£450 will be credited to your CFD account.
(If you hold a short position going into the ex-dividend date, then your account will be debited for the same amount)
Please note, the amount you are credited or debited will be subject to the relevant tax holding rates according to the region in which the share is listed. On your daily statement the dividend will appear under ‘Ledger Activity’ as:

Corp Action: Cash Dispersion Corp Action:
Cash Disp XXX paying YYY’
(Where XXX is the instrument and YYY is the amount of the Corporate Action).

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How do company stock splits affect my account?

Stock splits are usually undertaken when the value of a company’s stock is becoming too high. The company will essentially offer more stocks in the company but at a lower price. Here’s a typical example:

You hold 300 units in company Q at a price of 1607 per share
Q announces on R date, that it will be issuing a stock split of 5 for 1.
Hence for every 1 stock you hold you will be issued 5.
Now you will hold 1500 units at the reduced price of 321.4.
Note the overall contract value remains the same: (300 units x 1607 = 4821; 1500 units x 321.4 = 4821)
On your daily statement the stock split will appear under ‘Ledger Activity’ as

Corp Action: Consolidation of ZZZ
X for Y’
(Where ZZZ is the company, X and Y are the terms of the stock split).

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