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[:en]Content Marketing is a widely used term these days, known by various other names such as custom publishing, attraction marketing or branded content, and can take different forms. In this article you will learn “what is Content Marketing” and why “” is the Best Content Marketing Agency in the world for stock companies, Forex brokers, business, investing and financial websites.

Content Marketing Definition

What is Content Marketing? This is a marketing method of developing and distributing valuable and relevant content to obtain, engage and attract the target audience with the aim of getting a profitable response from customers. The target audience finds the content, which is of some value to them – informational or otherwise – and responds to the call to action messages to become leads.

This is an innovative technique that uses story-telling elements rather than direct marketing, and creating a relatable form of marketing for customers. It strives to communicate about business offerings to customers, without directly selling to them. There is no direct or in your face sales pitch, but subtle marketing that cleverly persuades people to opt for specific services or products.

Content Marketing Strategies and Principles

Successful content marketing strategies involve encouraging customers to opt for products or services with subtle rather than direct messages. The various principles of this type of strategy should include:

  • Originality – Original content, unique from that of others, should be produced. This will help drive organic traffic from the search engines.
  • Relevancy – The content has to be relevant to the things that users or the target audience searches for.
  • Link Popularity – It involves linking of other websites to your content. Search engines such as Google look at the number of websites that link to the content that you have. This goes on to determine the popularity of your content.
  • Daily action – This means consistent action, and is possibly the most important principle.

When properly used, all the 4 principles make up a powerful content marketing strategy that can generate tremendous buzz for your business content. This will help your content rank very high on the search engine result pages.

B2B (Business-to-Business) Content Marketing

Business-to-Business content marketing or B2B content marketing refers to Digital marketing technique for B2B-focused businesses. Like its name indicates, it is the technique of using content for the expansion of the target audience for businesses, improve and expand brand affinity, and finally drive sales and leads by making appeals to other businesses.

This type of marketing is set apart from other forms of content marketing in the sense that only B2B-focused businesses use it. It is not the standard form of content that is directed at potential leads or customers.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing is the technique of getting attention or traffic through social networking websites. Once social media users find a link or website that is interesting or appealing to them in some way, they can link collectively to that website. This is regarded as a sign of popularity by the search engines, and can provide the said website with a boost in rankings.

Social Media Marketing is extremely essential for supporting and improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

How Does Branded Content Differ from Content Marketing?

Branded Content Vs Content Marketing makes for an interesting debate. While Branded Content is focused on product or brand promotion, the objective of Digital Marketing is to offer value to the readers or the audience. The goal of Branded Content is to promote a product or brand directly, and can be directly termed as advertising.

On the other hand, digital Marketing aims to attract consumers and retain them through consistent creation and adjusting of valuable and relevant content with the aim of improving or changing the behavior of customers and pushing them subtly to specific products or services.

What Makes Branded Content Different From Sponsored Content?

The difference between Branded Content Vs Sponsored Content is far more subtle to understand. Sponsored content stands apart from Branded Content in 2 important ways, the entity that is producing the content and the spot of publishing of the content.

Branded content is produced by the brand via its in-house content writing tea. On the other hand, sponsored content is generally produced through collaboration between the brand and the editorial staffs of the publisher.

Branded content is published on the blogs or websites of the brand or business. However, sponsored content is usually posted on the website of the publisher. Thus, it reaches the audience that visits the blogs or websites owned or managed by the publisher.

At any time a brand needs to create sponsored content, it can simply hire a publisher for the content creation as well as its publication on own website.

How Does Content Marketing Stand Out From Traditional Advertising?

The differences between Content Marketing Vs Advertising are quite easy to fathom. Firstly, content marketing is non-intrusive. It is the case of the audience finding the content rather than the content being thrust upon them through traditional ways such as print medium, TV or billboards. When the audience finds the content and acts on the call to action messages, they actually allow to be marketed to.

While standard advertising involves paying to platforms having a ready audience, such as radio or TV airtime space, billboard space or newspaper or magazine space, content marketing actually earns its audience through offering of something that provides the readers with value.

Also, while traditional advertising is one-sided, post marketing is interactive and customers can also discuss and have a conversation on the web platform.

Content Marketing Institute: Role and Importance

In the last few years, Content Marketing Institute and universities have grown in number. These are set up with the objective of assisting individuals and businesses with the knowledge of how to do content marketing properly. These have resources to assist companies in starting and bettering their content marketing efforts, comprising of case studies, original statistics and research, blog posts and more.

Although there is not a dearth of resources on the subject, such as books or good blogs, many people are confused about the whole procedure. Many marketers need assistance with content marketing, and wonder how to get started with the process. These institutes can also help people with specific content marketing tasks in mind.

Common Services and Assistance Offered

A content marketing institute is the place where people can get solutions for questions such as the following:

  1. How to create a strategy?
  2. How to produce content that will be valuable for the target audience?
  3. How to measure what is working and what not, and how to make suitable changes based on the information?

Similarly, a content marketing agency teaches brands how to use multi-channel, compelling storytelling, digital marketing research, strategic consulting and other methods to attract and retain customers.

Some of the common services, offered by content marketing companies, include:

  • Content Writing
  • Content Strategy Planning
  • Offering Content Guidelines
  • Republishing and Sharing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing Audit
  • Content Marketing Measurement
  • Content Performance Optimization

Writing blogs, articles, press releases etc is an important part of content marketing services. Content Creation, Content Management and Content Promotion are the 3 essential aspects of digital Marketing.

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